Daniel Borges

Indie Game Programmer

Games I have worked on

City Ambulance: Rescue Express

2022+ - Manufacture 43 - PC, Nintendo Switch - C#

Driving-Adventure Game

Game Concept, Programming, Cameras, UI, Funding, Marketing, Communication, Console Ports, etc.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

2020-2021 - Manufacture 43, Asobo Studio - PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch - C++

Action-Adventure Horror Stealth Game

PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Switch ports including cross-gen saves, PS5 activities and gameplay debugging.

Orphan Age

2020 - Manufacture 43, Black Flag - PC - C#

Dystopian Life Sim

Gameplay & UI Programming, Optimizations

Across the Grooves, Seers Isle & Along the Edge

2019-2020 - Manufacture 43, Nova-box - Nintendo Switch, PC - C#

Interactive Graphic Novels

Ported technology from Electron to Unity, then to Switch. Also made some UX improvements and added Discord and Twitch integrations.


2016-2020 - Manufacture 43 - Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC - C#

Neo-Aztec Shoot'em Up.

Programming, Game Design, Level Design, Cameras, Animations, Special Effects, UI, Publishing, Website, Console Ports, etc.


2015 - Asobo Studio, Microsoft - Hololens - C#

Holographic Tour Guide

Level Streaming, Audio Programming, Tools, etc.

The Crew

2014 - Asobo Studio, Ubisoft - Xbox 360 - C++

MMO Racing Game in a miniature version of the USA

CPU, GPU & Memory optimisations accross all game's systems to port from Xbox One to Xbox 360.

Kinect Rush: a Disney-Pixar Adventure

2011-2012 - Asobo Studio - Xbox 360 - C++

Kinect platformer in the universes of five Pixar movies

Programming bosses, general debugging and TRCs.

Shogun: Rise of the Renegade

2010 - int13 - iOS, Android, Bada - C, Custom Scripting Language

Bullet Hell Shoot'em Up

Gameplay Programming, Scripting, Boss Design, Special Effects, Tools, etc.

Scrabble 2009

2009 - Wizarbox, Ubisoft - Nintendo Wii, PC - C++

Video game adaptation of the popular board game

Port from Nintendo DS to Nintendo Wii and PC with a few extra features.

Runaway: Dream of the Turtle

2007 - Cyanide Studio - Nintendo DS - C

Point & Click

Port from PC to Nintendo DS.